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Growth, Impact, and Inclusion

2021 was a record year for the Foundation as Student Summits, SME PRIME and the Scholarship program delivered impressive results.

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The Foundation continues to make significant impact thanks to the continued commitment and generosity of corporate and community contributors, individual donors, and philanthropic organizations that share our goal of inspiring, preparing, and supporting the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent.

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2021 Initiatives

Students Summit

Student Summits

In 2021, nearly 900 students from 30 high schools in 12 U.S. states participated in Student Summits that took place at four SME events: RAPID + TCT, EASTEC, SOUTHTEC and WESTEC.


In 2021, the Foundation distributed $1,035,613 to schools as the SME PRIME network nearly doubled – since the beginning of 2019 – from 47 schools to 81 across the country today.



In 2021, the SME Education Foundation’s scholarship program received the most scholarship applications — and awarded the most number of scholarships – in its history.

SME Education Foundation Donors & Partners

The SME Education Foundation is the leading voice in manufacturing education. As the philanthropic arm of SME, we continue to significantly impact students, educators and companies nationwide. Help us inspire, prepare and support the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent.


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Foundation For The Future: 2021 Annual Report

As the pandemic wanes, the future of the Foundation is increasingly bright. We are singularly focused on the impact of what we do and the efficiency with which we do it. The Foundation welcomes your participation and trusts that you will enjoy reading about the impressive results from last year.