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Guided Show-Floor Tours

Guided show-floor tours at Student Summits provide students with the opportunity to engage with manufacturers and discover potential careers.

Students that attend SME Education Foundation Student Summits at SME events see the high-tech nature of modern manufacturing and the latest technologies from leading manufacturing companies on display on the show-floor. The student-friendly manufacturing exhibitors are recruited and pre-screened to make sure they can accomodate a younger audience visiting their booths. Student can ask questions and engage with employees from each student-friendly exhibiting company to learn more about their industries and manufacturing practices as well as have an interactive learning experience. 

Upcoming Student Summits

View all of our upcoming student summits taking place in 2022. Give your students the experience of attending an SME event showcasing the high-tech nature of modern manufacturing.
“From Kouts High School a big thanks to you! My students came back so excited, it really pulled the world of manufacturing together for them. I knew they would be amazed and of course, being high school students, they couldn't show their excitement but once they were started, they were truly grateful for this opportunity. Thanks again! ”
Wayne Lichtenberger, Kouts High School